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CJR Performance Heavyweight Shootout

Class Rules

1/4th Mile Heads UP!!!


HemiWeight Shootout


1/4th Mile Heads UP!!!


1/4th Mile Heads UP!!!


Tree – .400 Pro Tree

Body - Factory Gen 3 Hemi Powered Vehicles Only - (no hemis in Hondas)_

Engine – Gen 3 Hemi Powered

Transmission – Any

Electronics – Electornics not allowed

Equipment – Car must retain factory type rear suspension -

Burnout – May go past the starting line.

Lane Choice –   

Tire – Max Tire Size is 315 Radial or 29.5x10.5 non"W"slick

Interior – Full interior required - Back Seat Delete is Acceptable - Aftermarket Front Seats Acceptable

Weights - 4000lbs for factory IHI blower or Nitrous Only

                 4200lbs for aftermarket supercharged entries

                 4300lbs for single turbocharged entries

                 4400lbs for twin turbocharged entries 

                +200 Lbs for Nitrous

Index List


AAA-G3 = 8.50

AA-G3 = 8.75

A-G3 = 9.00

B-G3 = 9.25

C-G3 = 9.50

D-G3 = 9.75

E-G3 = 10.00

F-G3 = 10.25

G-G3 = 10.50

H-G3 = 10.75

I-G3 = 11.00

J-G3 = 11.25

K-G3 = 11.50

L-G3  = 11.75

M-G3 = 12.00

N-G3 = 12.25

O-G3 = 12.50

P-G3 = 12.75

Q-G3 = 13.00

R-G3 = 13.25

S-G3 = 13.50

T-G3 = 13.75

U-G3 = 14.00

V-G3 = 14.25

W-G3 = 14.50

X-G3 = 15.00

Y-G3 = 15.25

Z-G3 = 15.50

MSHS Gen 3 Hemi Showdown

Class Rules

1/4 Mile

ET – See Index Bracket Below  

Tree – .500 PRO TREE  - NO Deep Stagging

Body – Full Body Mopar Only

Engine– Gen 3 Hemi Only -No other motor design will pass tech

Electronics – Electronics NOT Allowed - This includes Delay Boxes, Down Track and Down Track Rev Limiters

Tires- ANY

Equipment – Nitrous, Super Charger, Turbo Charger Allowed



Overview of the Class 


The class is designed for any Mopar full body car with a GEN 3 Hemi to compete in an Index format.  Racers will get (2) Time Runs on Friday and are welcome to enter the gamblers race Friday night with the other classes (This will get you AT LEAST 2 more passes down the track).  Saturday there will be (1) time trial and then into eliminations.  Sunday there will be (1) time trial and then into eliminations.  We run a very tight schedule so please listen for your class call!


Racers will identify the index that they want to enter by the designation that they display in their window - ie A-G3, B-G3, C-G3 etc etc.   Once a racer enters eliminations he/she may not change their index.  This works like a bracket race, being that the racer cannot go faster than their designated index (break out) in eliminations.   If a double breakout occurs, closest to index wins.  Cars will be paired in the lanes, and by random.  The idea is to get conisistant on the tree and learn to run your index using different means not limited to changing shift points or adding or subtracting weight from the vehicle.  The class is going to be run on a .500 Pro Tree - meaning that all amber bulbs will light up at once prior to the green light.  This will make the racer really pay attention to the tree.      

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